"Pies transform a meal": Take this master class in pie making with Peete's Pie owner Petra Paredez

And to me, they're almost always better than some breed of fruit that has been chosen for its ability to withstand travel rather than produce the best flavor or the maximum sweetness and tartness — all of these wonderful qualities.

Though there are some tree fruits — apples and pears in particular — that benefit from the addition of spices, because it brings out some warm flavors and it provides an autumnal tone that you would want as the seasons change.

In addition to the butter to flour ratio, one of the most important things when making a crust is the temperature of the ingredients you're working with, correct?

When you think of crème brûlée, or all of these desserts, as a sweetened, dairy and egg concoction that is baked, it has roots in French cuisine.

It's a really simple way to connect with people and to show some sort of caring for somebody, even though we're often baking for strangers at Petee's to be part of somebody's Thanksgiving celebration is a tremendous honor.

Sourcing food from local farmers and turning it into a pie for somebody, even if they're a stranger, I think is an act of love and connection.

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