Dewayne Dedmon

Tony Snell is an ideal fit for the Atlanta Hawks

As Travis Schlenk works to build a roster for this season intended to earnestly contend for a playoff spot, it will be interesting to see what direction the team takes regarding defensive scheme.

Especially when Young is drawing the attention of more than one defender, Atlanta loves to lift their wings from the corner into a DHO set up and transition into pick-and-roll type action.

Last season, Detroit operated an offensive scheme that relied upon all guards and wings to attack the paint with the dribble when the opposing defense extended itself to chase shooters off of the three-point line.

Maybe Pistons head coach Dwane Casey found something in Snell by empowering him to attack more from different spots in the offensive half court.

Maybe the best part of Snell’s fit with the Hawks is that he is a player that, based upon reputation and track record, will do his job with more than satisfactory effort.

The description perfectly applies to starting center Clint Capela (acquired at the trade deadline last season) and Snell.

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