FC Barcelona

The Guardiola-Mourinho duels, from “fucking master” to “I would be ashamed”

The referee Olegario Benquerença was very questioned by the culé club (Possible two unmarked penalties and a clamorous Milito offside in the third goal).

On the day of the famous phrase from Mourinho to Guardiola, in the Camp Nou band, in the presence of an unusual Ibrahimovic: “Don't set up the party yet, the game isn't over.” The germ of rivalry.

For the memory, Pepe's words after losing the trophy: “A lineman with good eyesight annulled Pedro's goal by two centimeters.”

Barça's 0-2 victory at the Bernabéu, with the controversial expulsion of Pepe, activated the worst Mourinho spring: “If I say what I think today my coaching career is over.

The second leg (1-1), with the Portuguese coach unable to sit on the bench after his expulsion, f It was also controversial for the cancellation of a goal to Higuaín due to a previous foul by Cristiano.

Mourinho's only victory at the Camp Nou against Pep Guardiola was in the second round of the league with Madrid's 100 points and 121 goals.

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