The Big E's Gene Cassidy recounts own bout with COVID-19

Eugene Cassidy, president and CEO of the Eastern States Exposition, holds a case containing 100 "Golden Tickets" to The Big E fair that will offer lifetime entrance and premium parking for a one-time price of $1,000.

WEST SPRINGFIELD — Eugene J. Cassidy, president and CEO of the Eastern States Exposition , said Monday that he wishes his own experience with COVID-19 was the norm.

But Cassidy, 58, who’s recovered from the disease caused by the coronavirus, said he knows that isn’t the case — and that he really was one of the lucky few with mild symptoms.

He’s one of a what he called a small number of positive cases among The Big E staff, forcing the Brooks Building to be shut down and cleaned.

He said the loss of taste and smell were his only symptoms and he didn’t spread the infection to his family.

Cassidy wore a mask through much of the news conference, removing it only when standing back from reporters and appearing on camera.

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