Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals Kept John Ross, Now It's Time to Use Him

Most teams sat on their hands due to the uncertainty surrounding the 2021 salary cap or the inability to agree on draft pick compensation for a player.

There were rumblings about wide receiver John Ross being dealt to a team like the Packers, 49ers or Patriots, but the Bengals held onto the former ninth overall pick.

Ross has unique ability and there's no denying that his speed is something that no other wide receiver on the roster possesses.

Green, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins and Auden Tate are going to get plenty of reps.

Ross can sulk and feel sorry for himself after the deadline or he can go to practice hungry and prove he deserves a more opportunities.

If Ross beats up on the Bengals' secondary a few times in practice, then maybe offensive coordinator Brian Callahan, Taylor and the rest of the coaches will take notice.

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