Reviewers Say This $30 Vacuum Is a Game Changer for Hard-to-Reach Places

I have no desire to cart out my full-sized vacuum more than once a week, so I’ve resorted to sweeping my apartment’s messiest corners and crevices daily.

It seemed like a great idea at first—until I realized that a broom and dustpan will never replace the power of a mechanized device .

Bissell created the AeroSlim to quickly pick up unexpected messes, whether in the car, under the couch, or even on your laptop keyboard.

Its slim design is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach spots, and its two-in-one crevice tool and dusting brush allows for a customizable experience every time.

At 12.6 inches tall, reviewers say this vacuum ’s size is in no way reflective of its cleaning power.

Perfect for window sills, crumbs, cabinets, staircase, desk, laundry room, and more,” said another .

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