OK, Californians, what In-N-Out secrets do new Colorado customers need to know?

Bay Area residents may remember when cult favorite In-N-Out first ventured north from Southern California.

The Aurora Police Department was prepared with advice for motorists and more: “It’s gonna be double-double traffic this week on E. Alameda at Sable & Abilene as many descend upon us for their first Colorado bite of In-n-Out burgers!” they tweeted.

A savvy PD staffer added this tip: “Check out the not-so-secret menu for those rookies out there.”

The most popular alternative is Animal Style, a smart option for tarting up the burgers and doctoring the fries.

Come to think of it, we’re the ones living in the land of criss-crossed red palm trees!

Have you discovered another secret option or an upgrade that the rest of us don’t know about?

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