Meet the lifelike next-gen Disney animatronic that breathes and stares at you

Disney has a long history of deploying audio-animatronic figures that perform a series of repetitive functions thousands of times a day in theme park attractions ranging from Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln to Pirates of the Caribbean to Haunted Mansion to Rise of the Resistance.

The research team used the principles employed by Disney character animators to create the illusion of life rather than attempt to mimic complex human actions.

Imagineering’s next-gen animatronic figures mimic Disney cartoon characters that travel in arched trajectories, have body parts that move at different speeds and accelerate and decelerate slower than humans.

“Such traditional animation techniques form the foundation for our method of inducing realism for our robot character,” according to the Disney research paper.

Technology publications like Gizmodo that reported on the latest Disney research paper fixated on the unsettling and scary skinless and lipless appearance of the animatronic robot prototype dressed in a collared shirt that looks like “ pure, unfiltered nightmare material .”

A Spider-Man stuntronic robot will fly through the air, strike aerial poses and calculate trajectories to hit a prescribed target using on-board hardware in the new pandemic-delayed Marvel-themed land.

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