Here's how Microsoft Surface joins the motorsports race

The Renault DP F1 Team uses Microsoft Surface to take teamwork, creativity and innovation to a new level, on and off the track.

A highly skilled team of engineers and developers using technology to make what they have in mind a reality.

You have to spend time with them, so that they understand your language and your terms, ”says Daniel Ricciardo, Renault DP World F1 Team driver.

Successful collaborative work and impressive results require a constant dialogue between drivers and engineers, where each piece of information is key to understanding and improving the car's performance and bringing innovative ideas to life.

In each race, new things are tested with the newest car, each member in each of the teams involved must trust the data they receive, analyze and interpret it.

The devices are used to design, improve and modify aspects of the cars, while touch screens and accessories.

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