Every Metallica album closer ranked from worst to best

Just when you think the slog is almost over, along comes this near-nine minute closing track – the musical equivalent of approaching the finishing line in a marathon, only to find some joker has moved the flag a couple of miles down the road.

In fairness, All Within My Hands starts promisingly, shifting between sparseness and intensity, but it runs out of ideas long before its conclusion, descending into a painful dirge that can’t work out how to put itself out of its misery.

You can almost smell the vodka and acne cream baked into the grooves of Metallica’s debut album, Kill ’Em All , and Metal Militia is the perfect way to end it: a breathless blast of OG thrash noise that alternately chugs and rages.

Turbocharged, full of piss and vinegar, Spit Out The Bone is a circle-pit inducing thrash masterclass that would’ve sounded perfectly at home ending any of their 80s energy.

Lovecraft, who created the alien deity Cthulhu, Ride The Lightning ’s grand finale picked up where Kill ’Em All ’s Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) left off: an epic instrumental that showcased the supreme confidence of a band who had truly found themselves.

From Cliff Burton’s distorted, ominous bass intro (inspired by Bach’s classical piece Come, Sweet Death ) to its emphatic, locked-brakes ending, Damage, Inc .

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