Donald Trump

Donald Trump snub: Celebrity Apprentice star's 'fallout with President' over US election

Donald Trump: Claudia Jordan spoke out about her encounters with the US President (Image: DAPHNE BARAK)“For someone to be just so hard against it, to diminish everything he’s ever done and said, we take it personally.

During interviews at the time, Mr Trump said: “He wasn’t born in this country is a real possibility... he has pulled off one of the great cons in the history of politics.”

The claims, which were proven to be untrue, changed the friendship between Mr Trump and Ms Jordan who said he would pick up her phone calls while in meetings – something she considered inappropriate.

Donald Trump: Claudia Jordan was hired to co-host Miss Universe after the Celebrity Apprentice (Image: GETTY / DAPHNE BARAK)

When asked about the untrue ‘birther’ conspiracy theory, Ms Barak told : “Trump didn't understand he was hurting so many people, but if you don’t talk about these things you won’t know.”

MsBarakspoke to other celebrity supporters of President Trump, including Dean Cain who played Superman in a Nineties TV series.

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