Chuck Wibby: New COVID restrictions — doing exactly the wrong thing again

Then the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment worked overtime to add a new level to their famous COVID dial.

You would have thought that Polis would have had CDPHE spend their time examining their own data to actually see who is dying in the latest surge and then implement new policies to minimize deaths from coronavirus.

What Colorado’s outbreak data shows is that we don’t have a problem with restaurants, bars, churches, synagogues or social gatherings.

In Boulder County, coincidentally, 8 of 13 deaths have occurred in one facility, the Life Care Center in Longmont.

Doesn’t it baffle you (or anger you) that Colorado state epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy recently was quoted as saying, “The risk there (in nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities) is primarily through staff who may be exposed in the community and then unknowingly … introduces that virus into a facility.” Excuse me, Dr. Herlihy, but do you not know that we now have rapid antigen tests that cost as little as $5 each and give results within minutes?

So if I were king for the day (or governor), instead of lecturing you about who to invite over for Thanksgiving dinner, I would direct CDPHE to purchase every antigen testing system they can get their hands on and in the interim to redeploy as much of our current testing equipment as necessary to every nursing home and skilled nursing center in Colorado as quickly as possible.

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