Cardinal Crush: Syracuse football loses to Louisville 30-0 (Brent Axe recap)

You know things are bad when fans are openly wondering on social media if SU should bother to finish the season and you can’t push back too hard on that theory.

I’d recommend you look through Rhodes’ entire Twitter timeline from Friday night’s game, but below is a brutally honest assessment of an offense that has fallen off a cliff.

Morgan looked poised and confident under center during the final offensive drive against Wake Forest and in Syracuse’s loss to Boston College.

Morgan made several impressive throws against the Eagles and offered a glimmer of hope the Orange had a diamond in the rough at QB sitting on the bench that only needed time to prove his worth.

As Rhodes noted above, I don’t think Babers and Gilbert did enough to free the QB on rollouts and motion to turn the freshman into a playmaker, but they see him at practice and know his limitations.

In the third quarter, a dropped punt by Louisville was ripe for the taking but Syracuse failed to recover despite having a couple Orange players well within range to hop on it.

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