Amazon launches Amazon Pharmacy, a delivery service for prescription medications

Using a secure pharmacy profile, customers can add their insurance information, manage prescriptions and choose payment options all through Amazon’s service.

And in another small push towards wider healthcare services, and not just selling items (although, yes, the outcome is to sell items), users are provided with “self-service help” tools on Amazon’s portal, and they also have the option to speak to pharmacists either via over the phone, for advice: “Friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer questions about medications.”

Prime members can access their prescription savings at checkout and all Amazon customers will be able to shop for medications — including branded and generic versions and different form factors and dosages — and order them online.

The competition from Amazon was likely one reason why GoodRx began offering telemedicine services as a point of differentiation and to move up the value chain.

At the time, the company limited its pilot to employees, but (as TechCrunch reported) the highly publicized nature of their approach, and the amount of product development that clearly went into developing the initial app, user experience and brand could indicate that it has the broader U.S. market in mind as a potential expansion opportunity down the line.

Reports from last year also suggested that Amazon could make a play in consumer health with new wearable fitness tracking devices , which could very nicely complement insurance and healthcare services offered at the enterprise and individual level.

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