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Yankees: Story of Gerrit Cole getting Game 5 start will give you chills

2-22-2 He dedicated his introductory press conference to evaluating and assessing his own fandom, unveiling the very sign he’d famously been photographed with at the 2001 World Series in Arizona as an 11-year-old SoCal Bombers rooter .

So it’s not at all surprising that, in his very first postseason as a Yankees starter, Cole has found his way into a deciding Game 5, the type of fate that seemed preordained when he first took to the podium in pinstripes.

As if he were starring in a movie of his own life, Cole and Aaron Boone shared a “gimme the ball” moment before Thursday’s Game 4 had even occurred, and it’s easy to get chills thinking of the script working out so perfectly.

The Yankees haven’t had an ace this well-equipped for the task since CC Sabathia’s arrival, and it seems crazier every single day that the team essentially tried to win the World Series without such a thing from 2013-2019.

Cole pitching the deciding contest is the most no-brainer, by-the-book move possible in an era where managing a baseball team is defined by anything but the simple answer.

Though the road to get here was highly unexpected, the ending was always preordained: Just one October into his Yankees tenure, Gerrit Cole will get a chance to define his own, personal “forever”.

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