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WoW: Shadowlands pre-patch is now live, adds loads of content including a reworked level-up system

Now, I have no frame of reference for how good this news actually is but if I take him by his word, then World of Warcraft players are probably stoked that Shadowlands is drawing ever closer and that a new chapter in the saga of The Lich King is nearly upon them.

So knowing that the pre-patch was live, I went to go take a look at what it all included, just so I could save you WoW players some time and the effort of looking up all the changes and additions yourself.

You’ll also be able to level up in an entirely new zone, Exile’s Reach, so you want to have to grind through all those drab, familiar environments we’re all so tired of at this point.

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy and you’ve already played the game before, you can choose to rather do one of the older expansions which, from the sound of things, most WoW players would prefer.

You’ll also no doubt notice the hordes of undead running around the world, which serves as a cool nod to the Wrath of the lich King expansion many years ago.

How long this event is running is yet to be seen but given how Shadowlands was delayed from its original 26 October launch to the general time frame of “later this year”, I have to assume all those zombies will either disappear or grow even stronger when the expansion finally drops.

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