Atlanta Braves

With 11 Runs in One Inning, the Dodgers Bury the Braves

ARLINGTON, Texas — The Los Angeles Dodgers and their predecessors from Brooklyn have been playing baseball for well over a century and have participated in dozens of playoff series across the country.

But in all that history, they never had a playoff game quite like Wednesday’s, a bizarre contest that featured an unprecedented postseason offensive eruption in a neutral-site park in an American League city.

The Dodgers summarily pounded the Atlanta Braves, 15-3, in Game 3 of the National League Championship Series at Globe Life Field, the home of the Texas Rangers, in a trouncing that established a catalog of records.

If there was a silver-ish lining for Atlanta, it was that they held the Dodgers scoreless over the final six innings without relying on their most important relief pitchers in a blowout — and yet they still surrendered the equivalent of two touchdowns and a field goal.

Los Angeles sent 14 batters to the plate, beginning with Mookie Betts, who hit a sharp grounder down the third base line, where Johan Camargo made a strong throw on a close play.

There was even a strange play in the inning in which Justin Turner, the Dodgers’ designated hitter, was ruled to have been hit by a pitch after he reached out with his foot to deflect the ball.

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