With $1 salary, Joe Moglia may be the biggest bargain in college football

Whatever point he set out to prove to himself and the world back in 2009 when he stepped down as CEO of online brokerage firm TD Ameritrade to become a football coach, he’s long since made good.

Coastal Carolina's Joe Moglia had a 56-22 record as head coach before becoming executive director for football and chair of athletics(Photo: Sean Rayford, AP)

As part of Coastal Carolina’s cutbacks amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Moglia agreed to forego his $177,000 annual salary and accept just $1 as a formality, making him arguably the biggest bargain in college athletics.

Earlier this year he launched Fundamental Global New America, a so-called special purpose acquisition company, and remains a partner at Capital Wealth Advisors.

He would use words like “skill sets” that had nothing to do with running routes or perimeter blocking, and he created roles for people based on their core competencies and the value they provided to the organization.

Under his watch, Coastal Carolina made the FCS playoffs four straight years and twice finished in the top 10 before making the jump to FBS and the Sun Belt Conference.

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