Clemson Tigers football

While Kevin Harlan and Trent Green deserve a following, Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit are top notch

(Also worth acknowledging: Harlan’s “Monday Night Football” radio broadcasts on Westwood One alongside Kurt Warner were consistently better than what ESPN offered on television the past couple of years.)

But here is one that also coincides with the 2016 NFL ratings dip: It’s an election year, and the chaos of cable news is pulling away eyeballs from sports again.

▪ ESPN announced Thursday that it has signed NFL insider and fantasy football sage Field Yates to a multiyear contract extension.

Yates’s new deal counts as official permission to message him on Twitter to ask which of your marginal running backs you should start in fantasy football this week.

Listening to them talk candidly and with humor about the Sox' issues was pretty much the only redeeming aspect of watching this team this season.

▪ Whenever I mention that O’Brien did something well, I receive an inevitable deluge of social media responses from fans complaining about the Don Orsillo firing five years ago.

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