Houston Astros

What do staff changes signal for Washington Nationals?

The Tampa Bay Rays and Houston Astros are battling for the American League Championship Series, while the Los Angeles Dodgers and NL East champion Atlanta Braves are both vying to win the National League Championship Series.

In a disappointing season full of underperformance and player injuries, we were bound to see shifts in some form or fashion by the time fans start filing into Nationals Park in 2021.

I ultimately deemed that it had; some staples are locked in longer term, like Stephen Strasburg and Patrick Corbin ; other younger players should be around for awhile, like Trea Turner and Juan Soto.

Perhaps injecting new personnel into this unit can result in a better season than what we saw in 2020, but it may well be that the Nationals have to use the next few years to thread the line of competing and attempting to restock.

Those big contracts to pitchers like Strasburg and Corbin could mean they’re going to be around to compete for another Washington World Series , but it could also mean that they’re ultimately going to be used as trade bait within the next few years in order to replenish the minor league system.

It leaves me to wonder: Will the new Martinez contract, as well as the new coaching staff, just cement those guys into transitional positions for when the next window opens?

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