Southeastern Conference

Three Plays: NOTs and Red Zone passing

It’s been a very long time since 1984 and a good chunk of you reading this were not alive on that day when Jerry Claiborne’s squad pulled out a win at Neyland Stadium.

Brad White’s defense was dominant while Eddie Gran made some key second half adjustments to take away Tennessee’s aggressive linebackers.

The Vols had major issues blocking UK on the edge on pass downs and one of the best scoring opportunity offenses in the country was flat out stoned all game.

An outside pressure by Boogie Watson forces an erratic throw over the middle and Jamin Davis would take his fourth career interception 75 yards to the crib with plenty of key blocks thrown by his teammates.

The Wildcats were fresh off a big home over Mississippi State while they caught the Vols in a sandwich spot between games against Georgia and Alabama.

Takeaways forced by the defense help pull the offense out of a slow start as the Wildcats cruised to a 34-7 thrashing of Tennessee.

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