The official Biden HQ in Animal Crossing has poll booths, ice cream, and no malarkey

With only 18 days left until the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s campaign is launching a new virtual field office today for voters to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons .

“We are continuing to reach out to voters across the country wherever they are — including on Animal Crossing ,” Christian Tom, director of digital partnerships for the Biden-Harris campaign, told The Verge in a statement.

Once you arrive in the island square, you know you’re in the right place because the town hall flag dons the “Team Joe” logo.

The entire island resembles a Biden-themed virtual amusement park, featuring ice cream stands, model trains, and exclusive in-game campaign merchandise.

Joe Biden himself even walks across the island so players can take virtual selfies with him now that rope line photo opportunities are on pause due to social distancing orders.

But if you’re without a Switch, or oftentimes leave yours uncharged like me, head over to the KindaFunny Twitch stream at 2PM ET, which is run by gaming influencers Gary Whitta and Greg Miller, to experience a live tour of Biden HQ.

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