The Boys Showrunner Eric Kripke on Superheroes and Fascism

The creator of beloved genre series like Supernatural , Timeless , and Revolution is currently showrunning Amazon’s The Boys , a wildly profane and violent take on superheroes gone bad and the regular Joes trying to rein them in.

Kripke touches on how the fascist superheroes of The Boys coincide with the rise of fascism in our country saying, “We write a lot about what frankly frustrates us.

We’re living in the world’s dumbest dystopia — and we happen to have lucked into a show that is the perfect metaphor for this exact moment.”

Kripke elaborates, explaining that iconic American superheroes like Superman (and The Boys stand-in Homelander) prop up white supremacy, saying:

The myth of superheroes themselves — though often created by young Jewish writers in the ’30s and ’40s — doesn’t really apply as cleanly today, because there’s these undeniable fascist underpinnings to it.

He also pokes fun at the MCU’s all-female hero moment in Avengers: Endgame with the in-show “Girls Get It Done” ad campaign promoting the female heroines of Vought.

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