The Amazing Race Season 32 Premiere Recap: Goat to the Finish

At the top of the episode, we meet former NFL pros DeAngelo and Gary, who tell us that “everything we do is about winning”; Kaylynn and Haley, two street-smart ladies who say they’re from “the school of the hard knocks”; and Leo and Alana, two “nerd types” who look forward to being underestimated.

Short statures and heavy backpacks increase the difficulty for this task, so obviously the super-jacked DeAngelo and Gary are the first ones to arrive to the Carnivale celebration.

Chee and Hung make a grave mistake, remembering a four-digit lock combination, but not the fish’s fin colors.

Michelle and Victoria are first to unlock the matching fish and receive the next clue, telling them to head to Pigeon Point; Riley and Maddison are hot on their trail.

ROAD BLOCK | “Who thinks they can steel a show?” Players must join a band of drummers and play a portion of “Banana Boat Song (Day-O)” on a steelpan.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s second attempt is a success, and following a montage of wrong notes, silly antics and dwindling patience, Maddison also gets the green light.

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