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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Adding Steve Has Been In Talks For “At Least 5” Years

Yesterday the internet went up in flames of conflicting emotions as the newest character addition to be heading to Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.

A former Mojang employee seems to have revealed that talks for this crossover have been in the works for a long time.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Liam Edwards, Game Director & Designer at Q-Games had stated that he’d heard of Steve being in Smash around 3 years ago .

He also jokingly tweeted a screenshot of Masahiro Sakurai from the video saying, “Even I didn’t think this day would come.” So it seems as if things were always somewhat unclear on whether Steve in Super Smash Bros.

Steve’s addition to the game resulted in not only a comedic announcement trailer, but also a mural featuring all characters in Super Smash Bros.

Going by the trailer, it looks like players will be able to build blocks on the fly, and craft weapons to help in combat, and that does mean that Steve can wield the iconic Minecraft sword.

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