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Star Wars: Squadrons guide: 12 tips and tricks to help you master the game quickly

But no longer, thanks to these top Star Wars: Squadrons tips for beginners, which will walk you through everything you need to know about this high-skill-ceiling space combat sim, from power management to advanced movement techniques and much more.

But with the below practical top-tier tips, you’ll sidestep the early pitfalls currently plaguing most beginners in Squadrons, and skip right ahead to the “incredible moves” part.

You’ve also got a training ground where you can fly around, practice moves, summon AI allies and enemies to engage with, and even an obstacle course to help you get to grips with ship handling.

Not only are their basic stats such as health and mobility completely unique, but the ship components available to them and even their cockpit layouts differ from one another.

Even if you find yourself an early favourite ship type, it’s best to spend time in every cockpit so you can learn the strengths and weaknesses of your allies and enemies.

And that’s everything we’ve got for the time being on Star Wars: Squadrons – but stay tuned for more tips and guides on every aspect of this fantastic and challenging space combat sim as we all play and learn more about the game.

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