Spider-Man Fans Are Ecstatic Over Possibility Of A Live-Action Spider-Verse Movie

Sony and Marvel shocked the Internet when a report surfaced about Jaime Foxx playing Electro again in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 .

Of course, this revelation opened up Pandora’s Box as fans speculated what other strange oddities could be making their way to the silver screen.

It would seem as though, with J. Jonah Jameson back in the fold and little details from the Raimi-verse ending up in Venom, all these different versions of Spider-Man are on a collision course of sorts.

Things also got a little spicy when Sony put a Madame Webb movie into production as well.

"It was an idea we had from the very earliest conversations of, if we at Marvel Studios get to work with Sony and make a Spider-Man movie, we want to bring Jameson back, somehow," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told ComicBook.com last year about J.K. Simmons’ return.

"And thinking about who it could be, we really thought J.K. as an actor is so versatile, and you look at his amazing iconic performance in the Raimi films.

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