'The Spanish Princess' Season 2 Preview: Will Catherine reconcile with Harry? Here's why she should not

Teasingly close to achieving her dream of becoming the reigning Queen of England, Catherine was marred by tragedy when her husband, Arthur died before his coronation.

The debut season's finale ended with Lady Margaret trying to botch Catherine's shot at acquiring the crown by instigating the would-be king against her.

Despite braving all odds, when Catherine was finally able to win over Harry, he makes the mistake of asking her about her virginity once again, and the question of his own being lone gone arises.

At the end of Season 1, after being berated and stripped off her dignity by the entire court, courtesy Lady Margaret's accusations, Catherine and Harry had been able to overcome et all and declare their love for each other.

She could just woo the Yorkshire claimant Edward de la pole instead, but sadly matters of the heart don't work that way, and as history documents the monarch's arc, she did go on to become the first wife of Henry VIII.

Showrunners Emma Frost and Matthew Graham had also said in a statement: "We are thrilled to tell the next chapter of Catherine of Aragon’s story as she negotiates war, politics and marriage to the most dangerous King of England."

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