International Space Station

SpaceX made 4 vital changes to its Crew Dragon spaceship, and a promise for the landing, after analyzing its first ...

The beneficiaries of those improvements are the four astronauts on the upcoming Crew-1 mission: NASA's Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker, and the Japanese space agency's Soichi Noguchi.

Once Behnken and Hurley were safely back on land, NASA and SpaceX set about investigating the toasted Endeavour capsule, scanning every inch for unexpected damage.

"I get shivers when a hear that human spacecraft heat shield showed unexpected degraded performance and requires 'minor' modification," Wayne Hale, a retired NASA Space-Shuttle flight director, said on Twitter .

Support teams and recreational boaters arrive at the Crew Dragon spacecraft shortly after it splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Pensacola, Florida, August 2, 2020.

That's a hazard for the astronauts and a danger for the boaters, since after plowing through Earth's atmosphere, the capsule was shrouded in low levels of a poisonous gas called nitrogen tetroxide.

To keep would-be spectators away from the Resilience capsule when it eventually returns to Earth, SpaceX and NASA plan to set up a 10-mile no-boat perimeter around the splashdown site, and to have more Coast Guard boats there to enforce it.

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