Saturday Night Live recap: Bill Burr hosts, with replacement musical guest Jack White

The internet immediately exploded with merch and memes, including calls for Jeff Goldblum to reprise his classic role from David Cronenberg’s The Fly .

Not sure trampling on Cain, who died in July after testing positive for the coronavirus in late June, is especially nice, or even that sharp satirically, but the show gets a few points for going dark and weird for once.

Burr’s enthusiastic about a steak dinner he’s won, not realizing sports coverage has been superseded by another death of an unarmed black man.

This kicks off with the chorus from the Beyoncé-Jack White Lemonade collaboration, “Don’t Hurt Yourself.” Pretty high caliber stuff — love the medley crushing legendary Texas bluesman Blind Willie Johnson’s prescient “Jesus Is Coming Soon,” and the riff he does with a guitar given to him by Eddie Van Halen .

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