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Sarah Cooper's 'Everything's Fine' Is a 2020 Time Capsule, but not Much More: TV Review

It happened to be her Trump lip sync videos, which people either love or absolutely do not understand, that brought her the attention of Netflix and celebrities.

Cooper stars as the host of a surreal morning news show who’s slowly losing her mind as the world falls apart.

Cooper’s straight man does work in sketches like her interview with Ben Stiller, who plays a robot CEO of a tech company.

“Everything’s Fine” is content to be a streaming sketch version of KC Green’s 2013 comic, “This is Fine.” At most, the jokes directed at Trump don’t have much to say except that he might be a baby an alien made talk.

In fact, “Everything’s Fine” takes a harsher view of the media than it does Trump when Cooper’s producers and morning show crew are revealed to be working for the Devil (played by Marisa Tomei).

And while Eddie Pepitone is absolutely wonderful as a demon who can’t read and thinks eating bats is a bit much, the payoff doesn’t seem earned.

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