Runescape now available on Steam

The Steam version of Runescape will come with three tiers of membership (1 Month, 3 Month and 12 Month) which offer discounted membership and unique cosmetics such as ‘Steam’ Punk Forge Goblin outfit, Forge Goblin Warhammer and Mechanical Frog pet.

Plus there is an expanded world featuring more characters, skills, storylines and quests.

Together, we will welcome them to millions in our RuneScape community and show them what we have to offer as a living game.

We are excited to share RuneScape to a new, large global audience on Steam.

Together we will connect PC gamers across the globe, and some will even get to explore the magical world of Gielinor for the very first time!

You can download RuneScape for free on Steam today.” – Nathaniel Blue, Valve.

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