Roosevelt shuttering after nearly a century

“Several big hotels in the city have announced that they are closed for good, and some experts say that more shutdowns are coming,” The New York Times reported.

This is a hotel that has produced a lot of revenue throughout the years,” Marlene Cardenas, a front desk agent, told Spectrum News , an outlet associated with the Time Warner media group.

The Roosevelt Hotel did not respond to requests for comment and now “we are going to be thrown on the street” said Jin Jae Li, an employee for 24 years.

The United Nations holds its General Assembly during this month, which brings tens of thousands of people to the city, including heads of state and government.

Late last month, The New York City Council passed a law to provide vital security to hotel workers, and for enhancing consumer protections.

Under the new law, any hotel that changes management or ownership, or goes into court-ordered receivership, is required to retain the employees for at least 90 days at the same or a higher wage rate.

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