Poor Sporting KC first half and controversy leads to 0-1 loss in Dallas

With Sporting Kansas City on their fourth game in eleven days, Peter Vermes changed up several starters.

SKC would still struggle to create high quality chances but they were starting to own possession and was putting some shots on frame.

Luis Martins shot was initially stopped by Dallas keeper Jimmy Maurer but the ball deflected back into the box where Kinda tried to pop it into the goal.

“If the ball doesn’t enter the goal, then it should be a penalty for the goalkeeper tackling Gadi Kinda and it would be a red card.

Vermes continued, “I was told explicitly by the referee that the VAR evaluated (it) and also called it a foul on our guy.

When you watch things like that unfold and you’re just sitting there scratching your head-where you’ve got a system in place that is supposed to review the rules of the game and then implement them correctly, and they just don’t-it’s so disappointing.

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