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Nioh 2 1.17 Update Patch Notes | Darkness in the Capital DLC and more

Add to another enemy Changed to drop the soul charge with confirmation when the following bosses are defeated for the first time in a specific mission Extend the grace period for successful feats for some of the big moves of “Kusarigama”

Fixed a bug that the dual wield martial art “Double-headed slash” slows down while activating the advantageous effect that increases the movement speed.

Fixed a bug where the effect of the mystery of ninjutsu “Yin Shinobu no Kiwami” was applied to the secret martial art “Otori Zan”.

Fixed a bug in the main mission “Sakura-no-Mura” where you couldn’t collect the sword mound by yourself if you lost your life at the place of the tombstone destroyed by “Ox-Head Demon”.

Fixed a bug in the first company of the main mission “Arashi Nagi Flute Voice” that the monotone effect remained when worshiping with a skeleton.

Fixed a bug that the recommended level of the material picture scroll may not be properly inherited when performing “axis shift” of “Hyakuki Yakou Emaki”.

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