Nintendo Switch in stock ahead of Amazon Prime Day: Animal Crossing Edition returns

Nintendo Switch deals are returning this weekend - just in time for Amazon Prime Day - and though you're not saving any cash on these consoles, stock alone is exciting considering the shortages over the last few months.

The Nintendo Switch is in stock at Amazon and Best Buy right now, with the Animal Crossing Edition on the tablet for the first time since March.

That's an excellent opportunity if you've been waiting for Nintendo Switch stock since it first flew off the shelves all those months ago.

While you can still order them now and beat the crowds, these consoles will start shipping later in the month.

That means you'll be able to get your hands on the special edition quickly and easily right now - something unimaginable just months ago.

If you're still searching for a Nintendo Switch in stock, check out the latest prices and availability from a range of retailers in our comparison chart below.

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