Nicole Kidman Claims She Was 'Damaged' After Her Divorce From Tom Cruise

And while Kidman has recently revealed that she was happily married to Tom Cruise, the Big Little Lies actress admits that her divorce from the Mission Impossible actor was extremely damaging.

After the seemingly happy couple’s sudden split, Kidman claims it was a shock to her system and that she assumed she’d never find love or get married again.

They would always surprise each other, and according to Kidman, Cruise was an expert on finding creative ways to keep his wife on her toes.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman attend the ‘Batman Forever’ Westwood Premiere | Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images“I think in a relationship, you have to work at keeping your partner in love with you.

The Australian actor has called their sudden divorce a “shock to my system” and says that it took her a very long time to heal from the split.

And although her relationship with the country star isn’t as flashy as her marriage to Cruise, it seems like Kidman is thrilled with her new life.

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