Musk's Boring Co. expands Las Vegas tunnel network

Earlier this year, the Boring Co. completed tunnels, scheduled to open in January, under the Las Vegas Convention Center complex.

Originally, the convention center project planned to debut in time for CES, the annual consumer electronics show, but that event will now take place virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Of that, about $48.7 million goes to Boring, and the remainder covers expenses such as paying for inspectors, said Steve Hill, president and chief executive officer of the visitors and convention authority .

In a statement, Boring Co. President Steve Davis said the company is “very excited about the future of Loop transportation in Las Vegas.”

If successful in its applications, including building permits, Boring could break ground on the expanded project early next year, Hill said.

The county commission in August approved plans from two hotels, the Wynn and Resorts World, to use Loop tunnels to connect their properties to the convention center sites.

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