Minecraft Steve is exactly the nightmare for Little Mac we expected in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate if this clip is any ...

By design, Mac has a rough time fighting and recovering when he's not on the platform due to how strong his offensive capabilities are when he's grounded.

Right as the match begins, Steve quickly mines some materials, then hops right off the right edge of the stage.

Since Little Mac does not want to hop off stage to fight — because that's essentially a death wish — the Punch Out pugilist really doesn't have too many options here.

Deku takes the opportunity to build a block closer to the edge of the stage to bait Little Mac to come forward, and after placing an anvil on the block commits to a throw that snatches Little Mac up unexpectedly.

Since Steve's throw is a fishing rod that connects from a distance, the blocky fighter pulls Mac toward him and rides the anvil down toward the KO as the block disintegrates.

With both characters toward the bottom of the screen, Steve is able to pull away from the interaction and fully recover with his Up B.

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