'Super' material raises hope of energy revolution

It is superconducting, which means electrical current flows through it with perfect efficiency - with no energy wasted as heat.

Room temperature superconductors could revolutionise the electrical gridThe team behind this latest discovery says it's a major advance in a search that has already gone on for a century.

"Because of the limits of low temperature, materials with such extraordinary properties have not quite transformed the world in the way that many might have imagined," said Dr Ranga Dias, from the University of Rochester, in New York State.

Dr Dias added that room temperature superconductors "can definitely change the world as we know it".

A magnet floats above a superconductor cooled with liquid nitrogenThe scientists observed the superconducting behaviour in a carbonaceous sulphur hydride compound at a temperature of 15C.

So Dr Dias says the next goal will be to find ways to create room temperature superconductors at lower pressures, so they will be economical to produce in greater volume.

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