Lovecraft Country & Racism: HBO Series Everything "The Help" Wasn't

I'm also from the deep South, which may not sound like a bastion of modern racial relations, but suffice it to say the region's history with the subject is totally and completely abysmal… and we know it.

A look at Lovecraft Country (Image: HBO)Why have stories about 1950s Black and segregated America been allowed to be written and created by white people for this long?

If it doesn't, you need to take a serious look at yourself and all of your life choices that led you to this point, because as someone who benefits from white privilege, you have personally gained from the systematic and continuous racial oppression in the United States of America.

The works of Gil Scott Heron and Nina Simone and every single word Spike Lee wrote in Do The Right Thing still ring just as true now as they did then.

Same with Hidden Figures – yes, allies are important, but a white man swooping in and making everyone accept Katherine Johnson as the mathematical genius she was is both revisionist bullshit in the worst way and as much of a superhero fantasy as the original 1960s Batman series.

It is our responsibility – as modern white people who have benefited from this system of oppression – to not only step aside and let creators tell the stories of their own history but to fight for real equality.

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