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Le'Veon Bell's Free Agency: Will Bill Belichick, Patriots Pursue Running Back?

BOSTON (CBS) — To the principals in charge in Foxboro, there may be nothing so sweet as a New York Jets loss turning into a New England Patriots gain.

With Bell’s turbulent Jets career coming to an abrupt end this week, the 28-year-old running back is a free agent, able to sign with any NFL team that wants him.

Capitalizing on signing high-ceiling players for low-dollar salaries is kind of a Belichick staple over the past 20 years, so it’s only natural that speculation would lead immediately to the Patriots seizing on this opportunity.

As expected, Belichick didn’t comment directly about the player, though he did refer to some of his past statements of praise for the running back.

“Something you have to constantly evaluate and stay on top of and and plan for because you never know when you’re gonna need players at every position, not just [running back],” Belichick said.

Still, despite the unique circumstances and despite the crowded backfield in Foxboro, it would be very un-Belichick-like to completely pass up on an opportunity to add talent for short money.

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