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Kentucky vs. Tennessee: What's at stake

It’s funny how college football works, because at least for me, when wins like the 2017 triumph over the Vols happen, it seems to make up for all the losing.

The 2018 Florida win sure seemed that way, and also seemed to be the key that broke UK out of the mediocrity basement to a 10-3 season they finished ranked #12.

I sure am glad Kentucky’s heading into this one coming off a morale-boosting win and Tennessee with a deflating dud against Georgia.

UK fans can show off the “Always on Top” T-shirts They’ll improve to 25-81-9 against the Vols, and snap a 2-game losing streak.

UK fans will sing parodied and badly-tuned versions of “Rocky Top” to make fun of the Vols They’ll have beaten their first ranked opponent since January 1, 2019, when they took down #12 Penn State in the Citrus Bowl.

UK fans will watch the rest of the football games and not just wonder how long until basketball season They’ll be out of the CBS Bottom 25 (at last!)

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