K/DA's All Out EP Will Drop on November 6, 2020

League of Legends heroines Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa are about to drop their first EP, All Out .

While the announcement wasn’t celebrated with the reveal of a new track, we did get a better look at the characters’ designs for the release and the album cover itself.

This K/DA album was announced back at the end of August 2020 alongside a new song, “The Baddest.” That track had (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon as Ahri and Soyeon as Akali, and added Wolftyla to portray Evelynn and Bea Miller to be Kai’Sa.

(Originally, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns filled those roles for the first song, “Pop/Stars.” )

While there isn’t another new K/DA song, there is a new video related to the League of Legends music group.

A choreography group featuring Prepix Dance Studio performers Berri, Naria, Shukkie, and Sun-J was shared.

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