LeBron James

Jimmy Butler is standing toe to toe with LeBron James, and together they are giving us a show for the ages

And in the middle of this blood-spattering brawl, the announcer, the real-life Barry Thompkins, looks up from his ringside seat at these two warriors and says: "Forget technique.

They initiate offense with supreme patience, sometimes out of the post, sometimes off the dribble -- pass-first guys who have an uncanny feel for when to get others involved and when to force their way to the basket.

They lost because of Butler, who scored eight of Miami's final 10 points -- a deep jumper, a sweet seven-foot turnaround off a jump stop and pivot, and four straight free throws off aggressive drives to the rim.

At the start of each of those four possessions, Miami was either tied or losing, thanks to LeBron answering Butler with seven points of his own with under three minutes to play.

In other words, Jimmy put the Heat ahead with each of his conversions, with the four foul shots all coming with under a minute to play.

All told, Miami had six players score in double figures, and Bam Adebayo had a down offensive game, so there's room to improve.

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