Major League Baseball postseason

Jack Flaherty is the Right Man for This Job

Last year’s emergent ace Jack Flaherty will take the mound for the Cardinals in a decisive game 3 in San Diego tonight.

A lot is riding on Flaherty’s start, as he’ll be looking to reverse the momentum after a crushing loss to the highly talented Padres last night.

His 4.91 ERA was good for an ERA-minus that was 14% worse than average compared to the league, and was fourth best on his own team amongst starters with 30+ innings pitched.

If you paid attention to the Cardinals and Flaherty this season, it’s not hard to figure out what went wrong with his 2020 numbers.

Bad starts happen but there’s ample opportunity across six months to water down the hideous performances with average, good, and great ones.

His 2020 wonkiness, other than the Milwaukee start, comes down to a few more walks, an unsustainable number of his flyballs allowed leaving the yard, and fewer runners stranded.

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