India Oxenberg: 5 Things ToKnow About CatherineOxenberg's Daughter Starring InNew NXIVM Doc

“I had two women holding my hands and my feet, so I wouldn’t convulse,” she said to PEOPLE when recounting the night she was branded with the initials of Keith Raniere , head of the now-infamous organization.

Catherine thought it was “weird and creepy,” but India threw herself deep into the program over the following years, emptying her bank account and her inheritance to pay for Nxivm’s costly classes.

She was spotted working at café PlantMade on April 22, hauling plastic bins of supplies into the East Village restaurant.

Even though Keith and Allison have been arrested, her family believed she was still “brainwashed” by the alleged sex cult and even suggested she remains devoted to its leader.

“I’ve had a close and personal relationship with my daughter India her entire life,” William Weitz Shaffer , 71, told PageSix .

William pleaded guilty in 1992 for importing tons of marijuana from Thailand, supposedly making $50 million on this drug smuggling operation.

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