Iceland's most active volcano is on the verge of erupting again, experts warn

Grímsvötn Volcano last erupted in 2011, sending thousands of tonnes of volcanic ash into the sky and causing the cancellation of 900 flights.

Last week authorities raised the Aviation Colour Code from green to yellow after scientists recorded seismic activity indicating magma is swelling in the plumbing of the volcano.

But Dr Dave McGarvie, a volcano expert at Lancaster University, warned that it could cause heavy local flooding.

Grímsvötn is on the verge of erupting again, according to scientists (Picture: Getty Images)This means ash will be spewed tens of miles into the air, rather than hundreds, and it will disperse quickly.

The Aviation Colour Code is an alert system that specifically warns of the potential for huge ash clouds sparked by volcanoes.

The ash clouds caused by the Eyjafjallajökull eruption led to air travel chaos for six days in April 2010 and again in May, grounding around 100,000 flights.

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