I've Got Some Things to Say. Let's Do a WNBA Finals Preview.

I don’t have time for any kind of feminism that’s not real and total — from race to class to religion to gender identity to sexual orientation to everything in between.

Pay attention to how WNBA players have honored the life and memory of Breonna Taylor — not just with lip service, but with an active and involved campaign.

Pay attention to how WNBA players didn’t just “clap back” at Kelly Loeffler after she showed her true colors…… they organized.

So instead they pivoted, and leveled up: launching an effort to support her election opponent, Reverend Warnock, a truly progressive and inclusive candidate — someone who will actually have their backs in the Senate.

This current leadership — with Nneka as President and Sue as VP and so many other genius women involved — has set the players up for a lot of success, I think, both immediately as well as down the road.

Actually, THIS is how improvised it was: With social distancing making it impossible to get real runs in, Sue was forced to train by playing 1-on-1 against…….

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