How COVID-19 Pandemic has Influenced Aircraft Cleaning Chemicals

Given the growing aviation sector together with an expressively high number of passengers choosing air travel, the need for aircraft cleaning chemicals is thriving in recent years.

Dirt accumulation, chemicals, and other oxidants in the exteriors and interiors of an aircraft could harm significant parts, for example, wings and fuselage.

Though available at most hardware and local car stores, a large number of these products may not exclusively be incapable of cleaning an airplane, they might cause harm to it.

Amid pandemic, companies must review and amend their disinfection and cleaning programs founded on the local regulatory prerequisites, as well as following the WHO Guide to Hygiene & Sanitation in Aviation.

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), recently adopted autonomous robots to assist in aircraft and terminal cleaning.

Neo robot developed by Avidbots was positioned to autonomously clean floors throughout the terminal regularly to ascertain a high-quality, healthy experience for passengers.

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